Climate influences on tree growth and establishment in the central Appalachians


My dissertation research with Margot Kaye at Penn State used tree rings along natural climate gradients to investigate interactions among temperature, precipitation, and competition on the growth and establishment of co-occuring tree species.  In addition to dendrochronology, this research required spatially interpolating and downscaling climate data to develop a product of high-enough resolution to be useful to describe the complex climate gradients found in the central Appalachian Mountains.

Related Publications:

  • Rollinson, CR, MW Kaye, CD Canham. 2016. Interspecific variation in growth responses to climate and competition of five eastern tree species. Ecology, 97:1003-1011.
  • Rollinson, CR, MW Kaye. 2015. Modeling temperature in mountainous ecoregions: Importance of spatial scale for ecological research. Climate Research 64: 99-110.