Understanding and Modeling Forest Change over the Past Millenium (PalEON Project)

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As part of the PalEON Project, I have been involved with a multi-model inter- comparison project of simulated ecosystem dynamics for the past millennium.  This work is part of a multi-disciplinary project that brings together ecosystem modelers, field ecologists, paleo-ecologists, and statisticians with to forecasts of ecosystem response to global change by understanding how ecosystems have responded to climate variability and anthropogenic influences in the past.  I am currently analyzing output from over 10 terrestrial ecosystem models to investigate how ecological resilience is represented models as well as the role of  scale in understanding drivers of ecosystem change .

Check out the PalEON Project blog to read more about why and how we are modeling ecosystem dynamics over such long time scales.


Related Publications:

  • Rollinson, CR, Y Liu, A Raiho, DJP Moore, J McLachlan, D Bishop, A Dye, JH Matthes, A Hessl, T Hickler, N Pederson, B Poulter, T Quaife, K Schaefer, J Steinkamp, MC Dietze. Emergent climate and CO2 sensitivities of net primary productivity in ecosystem models do not agree with empirical data in temperate forests of eastern North America. Global Change Biology: in press.